Honey Badger Gym – CrossFit

badgers need barbells (No Measure)

3 min bike or row just above convo pace….

10 shoulder circles small>med>big

10 sh. circles in rev. sml>med>big

knee hugs down, quad pulls back

alt. groin stretch down

lunge steps w/ reach to the sky down

knee hugs down, quad pulls back

lunges w/ twist into the knee down

inch worms down

alt. leg swings down

high knees down/back in reverse

lateral high knees down/back

butt kicks down/back in reverse

smooth broad jumps down

Power Snatch (3 reps E2MOM @ 70% for 10 min)

Metcon (Time)


Alt. DB Snatches 60/45(50/35)

Calorie Row

…Directly into…


Box Jump Over 24/20″

C2B Pull-Ups(pull-ups)