Honey Badger Gym – CrossFit


“Our greatest fear in life should not be failure. Our greatest fear in life should be succeeding in things that don’t matter.” – Francis Chan

One of life’s greatest tragedies: we tend to think that things will be different if we achieve more, win more, or make more money. But if those things have never changed us before, even if we win the world… would it change us today? Like thirsty people guzzling salt water, it’s a never-ending cycle that does not lead to fulfillment.

Yet we can work tirelessly for that next finish line, putting all of eggs in that basket, wishing, hoping, and working tirelessly to get there. One of our greatest fears, as written in the quote above, is to get there, and to realize… we didn’t climb the right ladder. It didn’t bring us to where we wanted to be. How we wanted to feel.

It always boils down to this – the quality of our relationships, the positive influence we impart on others, and who we become in the process. Hustle is crucial, but placing first things first is absolutely vital. Which ladder are we climbing today?

Warm-up (No Measure)

3 Rounds:

40 Seconds Push-up to Down Dog

40 Seconds Slow Air Squats

40 Seconds Hold Variations


Round 1: Front Plank

Round 2: Hollow Hold

Round 3: Arch Hold

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

20 min AMRAP:

30 Sit-ups

20 Wallballs (20/14)

100ish Meter Pinch Plate Farmers Carry (25s/15s)
Sit-ups: (anchored, ab mat, straight leg, etc)any style you would like so long as full ROM is achieved. We’ll do these behind our carry plates.

Wall Balls: choose a weight you can keep 2-3 sets within the workout. If you’d like to go heavier, note it.

Pinch Plate Farmers Carry: we’ll setup cones on both ends of the rig. We’ll go down and back 2x for 100m. You should be able to go down and back unbroken when fresh. Setup your sit-up station behind your plates.